Victorian Black Forest Carving of Bull, Cow and Calf

Product #F510C

Exceptional Victorian Black Forest Carving of a Bull and Cow with its Calf. This is a fine all original grouping which depicts this family resting on the hillside with the bull in a majestic protective pose. This grouping is very well carved and measures 16″ Height 21″ wide and 14″ depth. Circa 1880. Notice the bushy hair on the foreheads of the cattle which is typical for the Swiss cattle which is depicted most often on Black Forest carvings. Black Forest carvings were thought to of been produced in the black Forest of Germany, but in fact the wood carving industry of Switzerland is where we can attribute the high end ‘Black Forest’ carvings which started early in the 1800’s. This carving industry was driven by the tourist industry, and while bears where one of the favored carvings of choice, this detailed grouping which includes the entire cattle family is a very appealing carving. Exceptional craftsmanship on this carving dating to the 1880’s. 


Click here on this link to view the Victorian Marble top table that is holding the carving:

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