Milk Glass Bay Rum – Barber Bottle – Chas. Weihbrecht -Whitall Tatum & Company

Product #C181C

This is a fine example of an all original Whitall & Tatum Company barber bottle which is marked on the bottom with the ‘W. T. & Co. #559’ raised lettering. This is a stylish bottle with an enameled design of a bird on a branch with a house roof outline towards the bottom of the bottle. Notice that the bird is holding a ribbon in it’s mouth and there is the words on this bottle noting that it is ‘Bay Rum’ and there is the name on this bottle for ‘Chas. Weihbrecht’ personalizing the owner for this bottle. Also note the texturized enameling on the roof of this house. This is a fine quality example of a barber bottle and you will not want ot miss this bottle that is in excellent all original condition. Measures 10″ Height and 3″ diameter at widest point.


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