Winchester Bamboo Bait Casting Fishing Rod with Case

Product #W765C

This is an all original antique Winchester bamboo fishing casting rod which is all complete with the metal cylinder storage tube, a clothe cover and the two piece bamboo pole. The labels read, ‘Winchester – Bamboo Bait Casting Rod – No. 6375 – 5 1/2″ Pt.’ made in the U.S.A. – Winchester Repeating Arms Co. – New Haven, Conn., USA’. There is a patent date of May 4, 1920 on the fishing rod its self. All three pieces are marked with the Winchester Mfg. Company labels, the metal storage cylinder tube, the clothe cover, and the fishing rod its self. The metal cylinder tube measures 39″ long and is 2″ in diameter. This is a unique find if you collect antique fishing items, or if you are a Winchester collector.

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