Wooden Child’s Express Coaster Wagon

Product #W712C

What an excellent all original old wooden coaster wagon with original stenciling which reads, ‘Coaster Express’. This wagon was loved and enjoyed as one can see that someone has added their own version of a license plate on the back and in the lower corner is the abbreviation of Neb. For Nebraska however the letter ‘N’ is backwards. What fun! The wheels are wooden with metal rims. The wagon measures 48″ long without measuring the tongue which moves up and down. The handle is 29 1/2″ long its self. The wagon is approximately 17″ high on the sides and 18 1/2″ wide. The inside measurements of the box are 31″ long by 11″ wide. This is a remarkable find to have a toy that was well loved still be in such excellent condition, what an exciting piece this one would be added to your own antique collection.

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