Antique Yard Long Girl Print Sempre Giovine Beauty Advertising

Product #CL013

Antique Yard long advertising print that depicts a beautiful young woman ‘Sempre Giovine Beauty’. This yard long advertises Sempre Giovine (pronounced Sem-pray Jo-ve-nay) meaning ‘Always young’ and was made by the Marietta Stanley Company out of Grand Rapids, Michigan’. It was a pink complexion cake soap. On the back side there is listed famous people that used the Sempre Giovine product to encourage others to buy this product as well. We also learn more about the print of the beautiful woman on the front. It states that the original of the picture was painted by the famous American artist, Wm. H. McEntee. The company encouraged you to send 10 cents to them and they would mail you your own copy of this lovely lady and a sample of their product. What great salesman they were! This company again was the Marietta Stanley Company out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Measures 34 1/2″ long by 7 1/4″ wide.
This piece came from out of an estate here in Dawson County and you will want to check out all the other items that came in.


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