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About Us

History of Bargain John’s Antiques

John and Annette Ostrom started Bargain John’s Antiques in 1968 when after buying and selling from their residence and renting all the local garages they could find. They decided to build a 5,000 square foot building on the corner of Van Buren & Walnut Street, here in Lexington, Nebraska. They operated in this building for about 1 year and then bought the additional property located at 700 South Washington, where our offices and main showrooms are still located today.






In the Early Years

John’s antique business was known as the Poor-Man’s Friend ANTIQUES and SECOND HAND store. And his motto was, (We buy, sell, and trade for anything that does not eat!) Over the years, and as his knowledge and exposure to the antique market grew, John’s motto changed and his mission statement behind his business became and still is today QUALITY! (Buy the Best that you can afford, because in the end this will be the better investment). John has developed an eye for quality and in particular has an eye for great Victorian and turn of the Century Furniture. His love for Victorian Art glass, Art Pottery and Mission furniture and early toys started to really be emphasized in the shop’s inventory in the early 1980’s. John continues to be Bargain John’s Antiques main antique buyer traveling throughout the United States hand selecting and hauling in our inventory. On the average he travels over 5,000 miles a month. Bargain John’s inventory includes, a wonderful selection of fine Turn of the Century Oak, Victorian Furniture, Mission Furniture and Art Pottery, Dolls and Toys, Antique Quilts, Art Glass, Cast Iron Items, Pottery & Porcelain, Country Store Items and Advertising, along with Antique Lamps and Lighting.




Our Commitment to deliver Quality Antiques

One of the top priorities to us here at Bargain John’s is to compile correctly with each item all the history and information that we can about that items maker, and the time period that it represents and special attention is always given and documented whenever we can share with you history that is unique to each particular item. From signed, artist paintings, and learning the life history of these artists, to furniture that was made and originally used in the Capital of the United States of America, the history that each piece represents is a very important factor in antique collecting, and this important factor of correctly documenting whenever possible the history of an item is a top priority in our nationwide search of outstanding pieces that Bargain John’s offers it’s clients. History and correct documentation is such a valuable part of the true passion of antique collecting.