1928 Antique MOBIL OIL Advertising OIL Bottles with Wire Rack Storage Case

Product #M350

The metal tops of two bottles read “A” with the word ‘GARGOYLE’, with the embossed figure of a gargoyle, and the work Mobiloil; all above the “A”. Around the rim of this top is ‘Mass. D-S B-4 U.S. Pat. No. 1682544 others pend.’, and on the other side of the rim is ‘Property of SOCONY-VACUUM COMPANY’. Each glass jar has an embossed seal that states ‘MASS. 02B SEAL’. The front of the jars say ‘ONE LIQUID QUART’, and all four sides have the word ‘GARGOYLE’ AND AN EMBOSSED Gargoyle bird, then Mobiloil and Filpruf, both embossed. The bottom of six jars has ‘716F Property of A Socony Vacuum Company, New York, U.S.A. and then a perpendicular oval with a parallelogram going through it and 2, 5, & 3 on three corners of the parallelogram. The two bottles of “A” have ‘716F Property of A SOCONY VACUUM COMPANY New York U.S.A. and a 6’. The other six bottles are just like the “A” bottles except instead of the “A”, two have “BB”, three have “AF”, and one has the word ‘Artic’. One of the best things about this outfit is the condition of the crate and the signs on the crate. The signs on the long side of the crate are exceptional, and the other two signs on the ends are readable but not in as good as shape as the other sides. When one considers these bottles were filled with oil and sat out by the gasoline pumps at the gas station, it is hard to believe the great condition these were found in. The whole crate with bottles measures 10 1/2″ deep, 19″ wide, and 23″ high.  

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