Antique Occupational Shaving Mug – Butcher – Anthony Tomaino Utica, New York

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In many barber shops, a shelf often held spots for the personalized mugs of the regulars. A barber shop had bragging rights if it had the most shaving mugs of any shop in town. This antique occupational shaving mug depicts a beef calf on the mug and is personalized for ‘Anthony Tomaino’. The mug is in excellent all original condition and measures 3 5/8″ high and the base has a diameter of 3 1/4″ diameter.┬áThis mug comes from a barber shop on Mohawk Street in E. Utica, New York. The cow symbolized Mr.Tomaino’s profession. He was one of the owner’s of Tomaino’s Meat Market in Utica. Not sure but think it was located on South Street in E. Utica. This mug is marked on the bottom ‘Homer/Laughlin – 6 21 N’. The mug measures 3 1/2″ high and is 3 1/2″ diameter on the bottom.
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