Antique Country Store Oak Showcase Advertising Imperial Crown Perfumes

Product #W367E

What a unique and attractive country store showcase this piece is and note the advertising for Imperial Crown Perfumes. This is a narrow and long showcase that measures 42 1/2″ long by 7 1/2″ deep and stands 14 1/2″ high. Note that there are ten hexagonal shaped cut out designs in the interior bottom base wood on this cabinet to display the perfumes. I would estimate that items with a 2 1/2″ diameter base will sit nicely in these preformed hexagons. Note that you can access this cabinet on the backside with a drop-down door. One could easily place a thick glass on the bottom of this showcase if you don’t want to use the preformed cut-out bottom designs. This showcase will display nicely on a ledge or narrow table. Don’t miss this piece for certain if you have a perfume collection!

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