Antique Tin Lithograph “After the Hunt” Advertising Sign – Four Roses Whiskey Paul Jones

Product #W368E

This massive tin lithographed sign is a work by Arthur W. Woelfle (1873-1936), whose signature is in the bottom right corner. The piece portrays the inside of a hunting cabin after a successful hunt. At the bottom center of the piece is an open whiskey bottle with detailed labeling for the Paul Jones & Co Louisville Kentucky. “Four Roses” whiskey. Also, on the table near the whiskey are some playing cards, a pipe, some cartridges and shotgun shells, a pair of boots, and a whitetail buck’s head. A coat and hat hang on the wall along with a red fox, various upland game birds, and some ducks including a mallard. Leaning against the wall is a side-by-side shotgun that may be an L.C. Smith, and a Winchester semi-deluxe Model 1894 rifle is hanging on the wall at the top of the sign. It is mounted in a large picture box frame with a black outer layer and ornate gold painted molded interior. The frame as a whole, measures approximately 58″ height, 44 1/2″ width and 3 1/2″ depth. (The sign is 46″ height and 32″ width.)

This sign was purchased out of the home of a good friend of John’s. Carl and Jeanne Lawrence of Moberly, Missouri where it hung in there home for the last 17 years. Carl purchased from a St. Joesph, Missouri collector who said it came out of a saloon in Independence, Missouri.

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