Amphora Pottery Center Bowl Cupid Figure

Product #G001B

This is a lovely signed Amphora center bowl that depicts a full figured cupid figure draping it’s self from the edge of the basket weave center bowl. Notice the nice detailed work in this Amphora piece the delicate work of the clinging rose bush, the nice braided work of the basket weave, and the nice gold luster highlights so familiar to good Amphora pieces. This piece is impressed with several signatures, that read; ‘Austria – Amphora’, ‘Turn Jmperial Amphora’ the impressed crown design, and the numbers, ‘1492’, ’37’, and the letter, ‘G’. This center bowl stands 7 1/4″ high to the top of the cupid’s head and to the top of the basket edge it is 5″ high. The basket has an approximate diameter of 6″. And at the widest point this center bowl is 9″ wide. This is a lovely all original and excellent condition piece of Amphora pottery that would be sure to be a highlight in any fine collection. 

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