Antique Barn Raising Log Cabin Quilt with Stripe Border

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Product #CJ091

This quilt has lots of squares and long rectangles that compile the overall design of the quilt which is known as ‘Barn Raising Log Cabin’ pattern. The rectangular pieces are what earns this quilt its name, ‘Log’ Cabin. This quilt also has a slanted fabric pieced design that compiles the outer border on this quilt for a unique and attractive design. This quilt measures 78″x 85″ and the stitches per inch are 6 stitches throughout on this quilt. This is a beautiful quilt and the unique border makes an eye catching design when displayed on one’s bed. Circa 1880’s. This quilt was purchased from Berks County, Pennsylvania and was part of an extensive quilt collection that came from out of Boone, North Carolina.

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