Antique Bo Peep Aluminum Toy Child’s Baking Set in the Box

Product #T519

This is a complete and in the original box set of children’s baking pans and utensils. The original box advertises that this is a Bo-Peep Aluminum Toy Set that is Safe, Sanitary, Educational, for year round Play and Rust Proof. This set was never played with and is still all complete. Notice that the box also advertises that the food featured on the outside of the box can be cut out and will fit the dishes. Food cut outs to Cook and Serve, all of these food items are still in tact on the outside of the box and they make for excellent graphics. There is hot dogs, radishes, corn, salads, chops, baked potatoes, eggs, bacon and toast, and other food encircles the edges of the box. There is 11 different aluminum pieces for cooking. There is a deep dish pie pan, angel food cake pan, 2 animal cookie cutters, baking sheet, measuring cup, slotted spoon and spatula, bunny mold pan, 2 deep dish pans. Circa 1940’s. The box measures 16″ x 13 1/2″ and is 4″ high. Again this set is all complete and original, the box lid is made to fold up for displaying purposes, and the box lid is a little weak, however still all complete and original. This is an exceptional find in children’s dishes or baking toy set. One that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection.

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