Antique Concealed Sword Inside Walking Stick or Cane

Product #W027

This is an interesting walking stick cane made from wood, metal, brass and ivory type band, plus this walking stick holds a concealed blade. Notice the top of the stick has a metal figural cap I believe it is a lion’s head. Also, notice the ivory type engraved band along with an engraved metal band that makes for the handle of the sword as well. This cane with hidden sword once belonged to a gentleman named, ‘George McCourt’ from McPherson, Kansas. George was the first mayor of McPherson, Kansas and the owner of the first livery stable and hotel in McPherson. We were told that he was instrumental in trying to get McPherson to become the state capital of Kansas. This campaign was unsuccessful. This sword walking cane was found in the closet of George McCourt’s home when his estate was settled. This walking cane measures 36 1/4″ long and at the widest is 1 3/8″ diameter and at the smallest is just a little over 1/2″ diameter. What a remarkable find and how fun to still know the history behind this cane with hidden sword. I am told these were sold to the tourist trade from around 1960.

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