Antique Country Store Wall Mount Storage and Display Cabinet – Scourene Soap

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Product #W076

This cabinet held Scourene soap which appears that it was made by the Kirk’s American Family Soap Company. Note that the advertising is on the inside of the door and also on both sides of this hanging cabinet. On the outside of the cabinet, on the front down low, there is wordage also and it reads; ‘Presented with Compliments of H.R. Eagle & Co. – 68 Wabash Ave.’. This cabinet measures 24 1/2″ high is 5″ deep and 10″ wide. Notice on one side of the cabinet it reads, ‘After Dinner Java Coffee fine flavor and full strength – Purity Creamery Butterine The Finest – H.R. Eagle & Co. – 68 Wabash Ave. and then on the opposite side it reads ‘Use H.R. Eagle & Co’s Best Patent Minnesota Flour’. It appears that H.R. Eagle sold different products for household usage. This cabinet will still provide storage along with displaying the advertising history that was the reason for it’s original purpose.


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