Antique Cut Glass Ink Well with Pocket Watch Displayed in Metal Lid

Product #G661D

What a unique piece this original cut glass base with metal band ink well that features an antique pocket watch in the lid, and one can display the clock when the ink well is open to display the time. What a convenient feature to have when using this ink well! The base of the ink well measures 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ and the lid stands to 4″ high. What a unique piece if you collect antique ink wells or antique pocket watches! The watch is marked, ‘FSAR’, and the number is ‘1772688’ engraved on the inside lids of the watch. Note that there is a crack on the backside of the crystal on this watch, but the watch does run. What a unique piece to add to your antique collection!

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