Antique Green Matte Teco Vase Number 367 Shape

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We are thrilled to be able to offer to you this exceptional piece of signed Teco Pottery. Exceptional Green matt Teco color with even smooth turnings make this a fine piece of art pottery that stands 5 1/2″ high with a bulbous shape. This shape we identified as shape #367 with the assistance of the reference book, titled, ‘Teco – Art Pottery of the Prairie School’, by Erie Art Museum on page 154. The reference book classifies this vase as “Shape: 367 Type: Pompeian Flower Vase, Designer: Gates, W.D., Comments: This vase is very effective for lilies of the valley, nasturtiums, etc. and when filled with them will give a very dainty effect to the breakfast table”. Teco art ware was made by the American Terra Cotta and Ceramic Company located near Chicago, Illinois. The firm was established in 1886 and the green matt that Teco is well known for was very similar to Grueby’s. Teco’s green matt has a subtle silver gray cast and Teco was one of the first companies in the USA to perfect a true crystalline glaze. Teco is known for the modeling and glazing techniques as no hand painting was attempted. The above facts are just a few reasons that Teco is so popular with the Arts and Crafts movement and collectors of this era.
This is an exceptional signed Teco vase that is in excellent all original condition and it would be a highlight in any fine Teco or art pottery collection. The vase stands 5 1/2″ high with the widest point being approximately 5″ diameter and the top opening is 3″ wide. This particular piece of Teco was purchased at an estate auction for Maxine Van Kirk of Oregon, Missouri. Her auction was held on November 6, 2004

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