Antique Victorian Jumeau Automation French Gypsy Doll

Product #D010

This is truly a rare find! This doll is an all original Jumeau Automation French Gypsy Doll. The gypsy’s body and head move along with the tambourine while it is being shaken. This Automation Jumeau doll is a wonderful Victorian mechanical doll from France. This gypsy lady has three movements. Her head turns, her arms, move up and down as she shakes the tambourine in one hand. And the rare movement is when her waist and hips move as she dances. She is dressed in very appropriate clothing. Her dress is fraying some with age, but she is all original. The very fine bisque head has a ‘V’ marking on the back of her neck. On the bottom of the wooden music box there is a paper label that reads, ‘Au Nain Bleu, E. Chauviere, Boul ‘des Capucines 27, Paris, (JUK is handwritten). The key to the music box is made of cast iron, and has the initials, ‘LB’ cast in the center of the oval. The doll is in working order. Again, this is truly a rare find, and we stand behind her guaranteeing that she is original, and authentic. We also have a letter of the doll’s authenticity and a newspaper article that highlights and tells about the automation that is the same as what this doll has. Dolls of this quality to not come up for purchase very often. Don’t miss out on adding her to your own collection! –

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