Antique Matching Pair of Oak Barrister Bookcases – Globe Wernicke

Product #F826E

Antique Matching Pair of Oak Bookcases made by Globe Wernicke. Each bookcase is four sectional units high. The top sectional is 9 1/2″ high and the other three units are 11″ high. All of the sectionals have their original Globe Wernicke labels that identify them along with the size and style. When the four high sectionals are together the measurements are 34″ wide by 11 1/2″ deep and 60 1/2″ high. One could mix up the sectionals and you could make a six high and a two high sectional bookcase, limitless possibilities. Good original condition on these bookcases. Don’t miss adding these to your antique collection. I use these units to display everything from books, to pottery, stoneware, glassware, toys, all kinds of items all the while keeping your pieces behind glass.

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