Antique Miller Company Curved Glass Panel Table Lamp

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This lamp is a signed Miller table lamp with a beautiful caramel curved glass paneled shade. Notice the detailed floral design in the base of this lamp base which matches the floral designs that encircle the lamp shade as well. This lamp measures 21′ high is 16″ diameter on the shade and the base has a 7 1/2″ diameter. There is two light sockets that provide ample light and there is an off and on switch that allows you to easily turn this lamp off and on. This lamp is signed on the base ‘Miller’. Here is some information about the Miller lamp company.
Miller was established in 1844 in Meriden, Conn., as Joel Miller and Son. The company got its start in lighting manufacture by producing metal candleholders, and then moved into kerosene lamps, gas lighting, and electric lighting as times changed. The name of the company changed too, becoming Edward Miller & Co. for a time, then The Miller Co. A mark of Miller or E M & CO on the base indicates a Miller lamp.
Miller produced more expensive leaded glass lamps, but seized the opportunity to sell lighting for the middle classes as more and more homes were wired for electricity. The company sold lamps in bulk to utility companies in large cities who retailed them to their customers. A 1920 Philadelphia Electric Co. catalog shows lamps with prices from $12.50 to $60, depending on size. All the lamps are described as being “cast metal openwork” over “light amber art glass” and could be ordered in a variety of metal finishes including French brown, Grecian antique, Etruscan bronze and Florentine relief.
While lamps were made with glass in colors other than amber, or caramel as it is often called now, amber predominates. According to a lighting catalog from the period, “Amber is the color used in all [our] lamps. Amber has, by scientific tests been proven to be easiest on the eyes, and most restful when reading.” We found this information interesting and trust that you might as well.


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