Antique Moorish Fretwork Frame with Stain Glass Window Insert 18″ x 18″ – Pat. Sept. 15, 1885 was issued to Moses Younglove Ransom

Product #W793C

What an amazing piece of artwork that is dated in the lower right hand corner, ‘Pat. Sept. 15, 1885’. This 18″ x 18″ square Moorish style twisted wooden frame is highlighted with a equally beautiful stain glass insert that features red jewels that are 3/4″ thick. Also note the beveled sections of blue and alternating red glass that are sure to catch your eye. This is an exceptional piece of artwork. One that is small enough that you could display it in limitless places in your home or office and what a remarkable statement it would be sure to create, not to mention when the sunlight would bring it to life with all the colors. The finish shows some wear, but excellent original condition throughout this piece. You will not want to miss adding this piece to your own personal antique stain glass collection. 

On September 15, 1885 a design patent was issued to Moses Younglove Ransom for building lattice type screens from milled spiral rods . A year earlier, Ransom, from Cleveland, Ohio, received a patent for a lathe feed mechanism with which he made these spiral rods. Moses Ransom called his invention “Moorish Fretwork” for its obvious similarity in appearance to the mashrabiyya  screens found throughout the Middle East. 




Close up of leaded stain glass


Patent Sept 15,1895



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