Antique Character Baby Doll with Bisque Head Nippon

Product #D226

This is a sweet little Nippon Character Baby Doll. Various Japanese firms made the heads. This doll was imported by New York distributors; such as, Morimora Brothers, Yamato Importing Co. and others from 1915-on. The back of her head is marked, ‘Nippon – M 15’ on the outside of a triangle with the letters, PE inside the triangle. The doll is approximately 15 ½” long depending on how her bent limbs are placed when measuring her. The composition body is in pretty good condition with a couple of very small scrapes to one hand and a few nicks around the neck hole. All her toes are intact and the feet and legs are in excellent condition. Her bisque head is in excellent condition with original painted hair. In the photo, one can see the faint mark of where the front of the head was attached to the back of the head. This is not a crack or repaired crack, it is just the way the doll was molded and made. She still has her original open close eyes and two original front teeth. The outfit she has on is not the original clothes and actually she should preferably be wearing baby clothes. This dress and matching panties have a tag on them from Vogue. They fit this doll, but are much newer than the doll. I would imagine the clothes are from the 40’s. The shoes may be from the 50’s as they are vinyl and the anklets have nylon in them. All in all this is a very nice doll that needs a new home with someone to love and care for her.

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