Antique Oak Columbia Graphophone Cylinder Phonograph BKT – 1909

Product #W388E

This machine is in orginal and working condition. The case is in good condition (there is one sliver of wood missing on back side of lid). The cabinet has the original Columbia Graphophone Phonograph decal with the last patent date of October 9, 1906. On the side there is an original decal in a crown design that reads,The Graphophones and Columbia Records Were Awarded the Grand Prize at the Paris Exposition 1900, St.Louis Exposition 1904 and The Milan Expostition 1906.
The BKT was the most “up-to-date” type of Graphophone during the 1908-10 period. Columbia took the reliable “BK” or “Jewel” machine and adapted it into a “back-mounted” or “tone arm” version, known as the BKT (where the “T” stands for “tone arm”). Of special notice — this machine is equipped with a horn that was specifically designed for it, a specially-sized version of the signature Columbia flower horn that defined the look of cylinder and disc Graphophones during the 1909 period. This is one of the neatest Columbia horns.

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