Antique Oak Eye Glass Optometrist Case Complete with lens

Product #F535C


What a great find! All complete and original is this eye doctor’s optical lense testing lenses for fitting people with the correct glass lenses. The interior of the case has an original label that reads, ‘Audemair’s Test Lenses Made by Spencer Optical Manuf’g. Co. for Oculists New York,’ Carter & Sandford Graduate Opticians’. The case is complete with Concave and Convex, Cylindriques, Dioptries Metriques, Sphericals, and the frames to insert all the different lenses in. Also note there is a pair of testing frames that appear to be made out of a celluloid or celluloid type of material. All the slots in the case are full, and there appears to be nothing missing! There is over 250 testing lenses! Along with colored or tinted lense. The case measures 21″ wide by 14″ deep and 4 1/2″ high. The cabinet has a locking mechanism however I do not have the original locking key with the cabinet. The cabinet is locked open. This is an exceptional find one that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal antique collection.

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