Antique Oak Revolving Ribbon Cabinet -1894 Lindsey’s

Product #F277D

This is a unique original country store display ribbon cabinet which is clearly identified by the brass plaques on the cabinet. The plaques read, ‘Lindsey’s Revolving Ribbon Cabinet – Pat. Nov. 6th, 1894’ the second plaque states, ‘Phoenix Wood Mantel Store Fixture Co. – St. Joseph, MO’. This display measures 28″ x 28″ and stands 42″ high. We have a locking key with this cabinet and a unique feature is that you can access this cabinet from two sides. One side has a full width glass door, and the other opening is a divided bi-fold door notice the hinges in the middle of the door frame. One would display the ribbon on the adjustable metal dividers of the vertical columns. A very unique feature is that there is hidden storage in the center of this turning cylinder. You can access this hidden storage on all sides of the cylinder. What a wonderful thought of where to store ones surplus ribbon and supplies. This cabinet is all complete we are just needing a folding yardstick which would have pulled out from the base of this cabinet. This is the only cabinet of this style that we have ever been able to find in all our years of antiquing. You can see this same type of ribbon cabinet in the reference book, ‘Mom & Pop Stores – A Country Store Compendium of Merchandising Tools for Display’ by Richard A. Penn on page 77.

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