Antique Original Round Oak Stove Doe-Wah-Jack Indian Finial

Product #F238C

This stove is  original including the original ornate Indian ( Doe-Wah-Jack)  finial  that sits atop the stove.   The Round Oak Stove Company, founded by  P.D. Beckwith back in the late 1800’s, had a  reputation for designing and manufacturing top of the line, and state of the art for its day, cylinder heating stoves. This cylinder heating stove, baring the Round Oak name, is a remarkable stove. The antique cylinder stove is made of a combination of steel and cast iron which allows the stove to heat up quickly. This stove stands  62″ Height . There is an ash clean out door at the base, primary and secondary draft controls and a hidden cooklid on top. The top door of the two front loading doors features a  name plate that reads Round Oak Estate of P.D. Beckwith Doewagaic Michigan E-18 . The famous name is also located on each one of the legs. The nickel skirt features beautiful design work which compliments the design work on the dome, front door and base.

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