Antique Pair of Staffordshire Spaniel Dogs

Product #G118D

All original coordinating pair of Staffordshire dogs one posed in a right and the other in a left position. These would date prior to 1891, and are guaranteed to be old and original. These are larger Staffordshire dogs measuring 14 3/4″ high and are 11″ wide by 5″ deep. Notice the details in the nose with the two toned coloring. Gray on the sides and black fronts, red tongue and whiskers on sides. This is an excellent find for old Staffordshire figures. Also notice on the bottoms someone over the years wrote where they bought these dogs, it reads; ‘From old house near Armstrong, MO’. Small amount of crazing in the glaze and one small original imperfection on the backside of one dog. Very small. Don’t miss adding this pair to your collection!

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