Quick Meal Salesman Sample Child’s Cookstove

Product #M456B

What a cute example of the Quick Meal cook stove this salesman sample is. With all the features of the large stoves, this little stove has all the same workable features. Notice the six burners with their covers, the grades that will rotate to dump into the tin lined pan below, the drop down oven door, the open and shut vents and damper for ventilation on the stove. Notice that one of the burner covers is not the original one. Someone over the years has replaced this one missing cover with a cover from off of another stove. There has been a few altercations on this stove, what I notice is the replaced burner cover which I already mentioned, the screws that hold the doors in the hinges are not the original ones, and the opening latch on the door that stores the box for ashes has been replaced with an alternate knob. This are only minor altercations on a stove that is as old as this one. This is an actual workable stove that could have been used for a salesman sample and many times these were used by little girls to be used to learn and enjoy cooking just like their mother. This stove is still in it’s original condition. There is some wear, mainly the nickel is worn but the condition is still good. Notice that this stove even has the attached stove pipe attached to it. What a cute and heart warming piece this little stove is. You can enjoy all the feel of owning a stove like great grandma had, yet the size is much more manageable. What a great addition to your antique collection this stove would make. These little cook stoves are becoming harder and harder to find.
This stove measures 17″wide, and is 15″ deep. The  stove measures  to the top of the stove pipe  27 “.

This particular stove was acquired when it became available at Rosalind & Frank Morris Estate of McPherson, Kansas. At the auction, John was able to visit with  a daughter Nancy Morris Esau who played on the stove as a child. Her grandmother Nellie Grant Almen cooked starch on the stove in the home of Rosalind Almen Morris at 412 S. Maple.  –

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