Antique Rookwood Pottery Vase Dated 1914

Antique Rookwood Pottery Vase Dated 1914

Product #G271C

All original Rookwood Pottery Vase that is in good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. The vase has an excellent Art’s & Crafts influence. One can feel a paneled sectional molding to the design and shape of this 5 high vase. The coloring starts with a greenish brown tint at the top and descends downward to finish with a pink mauve tone. The top opening is 2″ diameter while the widest point on this vase appears to be 3″ diameter. Again excellent all original condition. This is a fine example of Rookwood and would make an excellent addition to one’s arts and craft collection. The vase is marked on the bottom with the Rookwood signature and dates 1914. –

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