Antique Sunbonnet Sue Appliquéd Quilt

Product #Q006C

This all original appliquéd quilt has been done in the very popular and attractive pattern of Sunbonnet Sue. Circa 1910 to 1920. This quilt appears to have never been washed or used over the years. The cream colored background might lighten up some in color if you were to chose to wash this quilt, however I would not want to wash the quilt where it has not been washed over the years. It does appear that on the backside of the quilt there is one darker place on the quilt that has darkened just slightly a little more over the years, we have taken a close up photo of this spot. Also note that when we took the quilt photos there was some sun light shining in through the window and there is a slight variation of colors on the quilt, which are only because of the lightning and are not actually on the quilt it’s self. The quilt measures 68″ x 84″, and has approximately 9 stitches per inch. What an excellent wall hanging this quilt would make in a nursery or young child’s room or displayed on a bed. This quilt was made and bought from an estate sale in the Fulton, Missouri area.  


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