Antique Watts Pottery Individual Bowl Number 74 with Apple Design

Product #G639

This is a nice #74 Watt Pottery Bowl. It has the apple design with three leaves. Measures 5 1/2″ in diameter and is 2″ high. All original, no repairs, and no cracks. The only imperfections that I can see are that on the inside of the bowl there is a 3/4″ indentation right in the bottom’s middle, and also around the outer edge of the bowl there is a 1/16″ spot on the green leaf that the glaze and the green color is missing. I know that the imperfection in the inside of the bowl has been with this bowl since it was originally made, because the glaze is still clearly covering the dent. However on the outside rim, perhaps this has happened since this bowl was made and you would call this a chip, however it is so small (1/16″), but I want you to know that it is there. This bowl is guaranteed old and authentic. It is marked on the bottom of the bowl with the Watt signature ‘OVEN WARE USA #74’. This is a great piece. Don’t miss adding this one to your collection.

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