Antique Wooden Firkin Bucket with Wooden Lid – Old Green Paint

Product #W345

Antique wooden Firkin done with old green paint and one of the nicest Firkin pieces that we have ever been able to find. This one came from central Missouri area. Circa 1800’s. It measures 12″ high to the top of the wooden lid and to the top of the handle when in the upright position it is 17″ high. The bottom has a diameter of 12 1/2″ while the top lid is 11 3/4″ diameter. Excellent original condition.
Firkin is the word commonly used and applied to antique wooden buckets with wood handles and lid. They were formerly used to store sugar and other items. A firkin is actually an old English unit of volume. The name is derived from the Dutch word vierdekijn, which means fourth, such as a quarter of a full-size barrel.


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