Antique Iowa Dairy Separator Canvas Advertising Banner Sign – 18 1/4 inches x 36 1/2″ inches

Product #W394E

Original canvas advertising sign that advertises for Iowa Dairy Separator – Made by Iowa Dairy Separator Company – Waterloo, Iowa. The sign states that this separator has a curved disc bowl. This sign was used to promote, ‘L.W. Kubin – Willis, Michigan – West Sumpter’ dealer. This sign is displayed behind a plastic with a foam board backing to give the canvas some firmness. The canvas measures 18 1/4″ high by 36 1/2″ wide. The foam board measures 21″ x 37″. What a colorful agricultural and dairy related advertising sign that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection. This sign originally came from the estate collection of Harold Wright from McPherson, Kansas.

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