The Barometer Antique Ink Well Stand – 1861

Product #M965D

This is a unique all original antique ink well which still has its original informational papers which identify this piece as ‘The Barometer Inkstand’. This ink well is stated as being patented June 4, 1861, with a reissue being given on Nov. 15, 1864. The paper reads that by self action the dipping place is constantly kept filled with clear ink. Notice the picture that shows you that the glass dome is not removed that in fact you fill this ink well by pouring the ink into the metal dispensing end. Also note that on this paper label there is wordage informing consumers to watch out for a counterfeit ink well. Interesting facts dating to the 1860’s. This all original ink well measures 5″ diameter on the bottom and is approximately 5 1/4″ high.


M965D The Barometer Antique Ink Well Stand – underside

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