Airguide Banjo Mahogany Barometer – Presentation 1956 Kearney Nebraska – 12″ dial

Product #W341

This is a beautiful Mahogany Airguide Jeewled Compensated Barometer. This model was obviously of quality with brass encased instruments providing practical data for the day.
There is a brass presentation plaque that reads: Presented to Kearney Land and Mortgage Company in recogniation of twenty – five years representation First American Insuarance Company 1929 – 1954. and Great American Indemnity Company 1931 – 1956.
The case measures 38″ tall and 13 1/2″ wide.
Tag on back reads: All exposed parts guaranteed solid genuine mahogany (genuine mahogany grows only in West Indies, tropical America and West Coast Africa)
This label issued under penalty contract -number 431
Mahogany Associate Inc. copyright U.S.A.
Made in USA by Airguide Instrument Company Chicago

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