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Betsy Ross Character Doll Bisque Head A.M 2/0 DET

Product #DJ043

Bisque Head A&M 2/0 DET Betsy Ross Character Doll. Exceptional all original condition on this marked, Armand Marseille bisque head, sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth four teeth, blonde hair, and a nine piece composition body doll. The back of the head is impressed, ‘A&M 2/0 DET’. Note the original patriotic clothing, red and white striped cotton skirt and jacket. Blue apron overlay and blue attached collar on vest with attached metal stars. White silk blouse with some deterioration, padding has been placed under the blouse to give the doll breasts. She is topped with colorful red hat that comes to a peak with stuffing extending the tip of the hat, and she is wearing black leatherette shoes. This doll matches a bisque head Uncle Sam Character doll who is dressed in the same red and white cotton fabric with the same appropriate patina. These two dolls were purchased as a pair. This doll measures 14” tall. Exceptional all original condition on this doll.

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