Antique Country Store Hardware Bolt Revolving Screw or Nail Bin

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Product #M412

Old country hardware store pressed steel revolving screw or nail bin cabinet. Notice the unique feature to display and expose all of the available items and not take up all of your counter space with the bins being able to revolve around. As the cabinet sits it measures 12 1/4″ high and the base is 9″ deep. The depth of the trays is 11″ deep as they turn around. Notice that the trays vary in how many compartments each row has. There is two rows of 5 slots, 2 rows of 4 slots and 2 rows of 3 slots, and lastly 2 rows of 2 slots, this allows you to store and display items of varying size and length. There is a small partial label on the one end of the carousel holder, however there is not enough for me to read it legibly.

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