Black Forest Carved Chamois Head Set with Oak Wreath – Antelope type Animal

Product #W623C

Exceptional all original Black Forest carving of the colorful and detailed head of an antelope type chamois animal head. Note the equally detailed wreath carved that encircles the chamois’ neck. This entire piece is carved wood, with the exception of the eye lashes which appear to be real eye lashes. The coloring of this piece is exceptional and this piece measures on the portion that attaches to the wall 11″ x 14 1/2″ and comes out away from the wall 13″. This is an amazing piece of art work, and you can find a Black Forest carved chamois featured in the antique reference book, ‘Swiss Carvings – The Art of the ‘Black Forest’ 1820 to 1940′ by Jay Arenski, Simon Daniels, and Michael Daniels on page 81.

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