Roseville Pottery – Blue Pinecone Collection – 17 Pieces – 1935 – Pine Cone Pattern


Pine Cone was probably the most popular pattern of Roseville from its introduction in 1935 throughout its years of production. As a result of this popularity, the resulting extended years of production. Pine cone’s embossed trim is realistic. The pattern features brown pine cones that are framed in a bristle of long green pine needles, and twisted brown branches grow from the design to become naturalized handles. The background is smoothly finished in a deep blue colored that is lined in orange. This is truly a beautiful pattern that Roseville pottery produced.

This is a nice Collection of Roseville pottery blue pine cone pattern that we are selling came from an avid antique collector from North Carolina.



CJ270 Double Handled Small Bowl – #320-5″



CJ271 Roseville Pottery – Blue Pine Cone – Vase – #479-7″



CJ272 Candy Dish -#428-8″ – PineCone



CJ273 Hanging Flower Basket – Pinecone



CJ274 Blue Pine Cone – Vase – #124-5″



CJ275 Double Handled Bowl – #279-9″




CJ276 Handled Basket with Frog Insert – #352-8″



CJ277 Double Handled Tall Vase – #491-10″



CJ278 Ice Lip Pitcher – Pinecone



CJ279 Double Handled Vase – #704-7″



CJ308 Basket with Handle Vase – #338-10″



CJ309 Taller Horn Shaped Vase – #485-10″



CJ310 Lower Basket with Twig Handle- #410-10″



CJ311 Fan Style Vase – #472-8″



CJ312 Pinecone Round Bowl or Urn



CJ313 Double Handled Bowl or Vase – #637-7″



CJ314 ‘Pinecone’ Pattern – Tall Vase 



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