Antique Country Store Screw & Bolt Cabinet – original stenciling

Product #F952C

This is a 72-drawer old country store bolt and screw cabinet. Notice that this piece still has its original white porcelain knobs and has the original stenciling. The cabinet will spin around with a lazy susan mechanism giving you full access to all sides of the cabinet. The cabinet is 9 drawers high. The overall height is 32″ high and the diameter is 21″ diameter. This is an outstanding all original old country store piece of furniture that you won’t want to miss adding to your personal collection. Circa 1900’s. This screw cabinet came from a Hardware, Undertaking and Funeral Home. The business In Haddam Kansas was ended in 1948 or 49 and building was locked up. Contents were auctions a few years back by Novak and Novak from the Cuba Kansas area where all the contents were sold.

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