Antique Stoneware spongeware Bowl – Advertising Burwell and St Paul Nebraska

Product #G865

This nice spongeware bowl has advertising that reads; Fair Dealings made The Hub Stores St Paul and Burwell O. J. Miller proprietor. Bowl measures 6 1/2″ diameter and 3′ height.

The Hub Building still stands and is located in Burwell, Nebraska
The Hub Building was constructed in 1906. The three-story structure is built of rusticated concrete block and is prominently located in the town square. The size, name, and location of the building were not a case of happenstance. The original owner, H.J. Coffin, intended the building to be the center of commercial activity for Burwell and the surrounding area. The building did indeed become the “hub” of commercial activity in Burwell, contributing to its growth and prosperity.


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