Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Novelty Bank

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Product #M329C

Antique and in original paint this cast iron mechanical bank done in the shape of a building and notice how the door is connected to a man figure who when you open the door swings out holding a tray which you then place your coin on and once you let the door swing closed the coin is then released in the wire cage ‘bank’ storage portion of this bank. Notice on the opposite end from the door this building is marked with the patent dates, ‘Pat’d June 25, 1872 – Oct 28, 1913. This bank measures 6 3/4″ high and is 4 1/2″ x 4 1/4″. ¬†Mechanical banks are always exciting to operate and to collect and you will not want to miss adding this one to your own personal cast iron mechanical bank collection.

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