Antique Old Store Stock Unused Ideal ’51’ Series Hose Clamps – In the Box – Country Store

Product #W103

Antique old unused country store merchandise stock that is complete with the original shipping and display box. These are Ideal ’51’ series Hose clamps made by the Ideal Clamp Manufacturing Company out of Brooklyn, New York. There are 50 clamps in this box and there are five different sizes of clamps with 10 clamps of each size. The largest clamp states that it fits a 2″ hose and the smallest size is part number 51-13.The display box measures 7″ wide by 11 1/2″ long and is 3″ high. Note the inside fold up flap that works as a display ad for selling these clamps. The advertising flap states that these Ideal ’51’ Hose Clamps are 1) East to Attach 2) Six notches for adjustment 3) Grips Hose Evenly. Hard to find Old Stock still in the original shipping and display box.

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