Clear Glass Mayonnaise Jar – Old Vintage Metal Mixer

Product #G415

This is a Wesson Oil Mayonnaise Maker. The recipe for making the mayonnaise is embossed right on the glass jar. It reads; ‘An egg, 2 tablespoons lemon juice or vinegar, teaspoon each mustard, salt, sugar, dash of pepper. Beat in thoroughly, as poured from bottle 1 pint Wesson Oil.’ This jar is all original, no repairs, no cracks, and no chips. There is a thin layer of rust on the bottom of the beater, as someone didn’t do a very good job of drying the mixer from the last time that it was used. We also have a letter that gives some of the history of this mayonnaise maker. Part of the letter reads; ‘The mayonnaise maker was manufactured and offered as a premium by the Wesson Oil and Snowdrift Company over 40 years ago. When we acquired the company in 1960, we found about 200 of them in the various plant locations and had them all brought to Fullerton, etc.’ Measures 8 1/2″ high to the top of the jar, and 12 1/4″ high to the top of the handle. Diameter on the jar is 3 1/4″. This is a nice piece, and fun to have a letter from the Wesson company to give it a little history. Don’t miss out on owning this fun piece!

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