Royal Bonn La Palma Germany Porcelain Mantel Clock – 1881

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Product #G863

Antique Royal Bonn porcelain clock that has a wide case decorated with flowers and filigree; signed “Royal Bonn, Germany, La Palma.” Notice that the face of the clock is marked, ‘Manufactured by the Anasonia Clock Company – New York – United States of America’. The face measures 5″ in diameter while the case of the clock is 12″ high by 14 1/2″ wide and 5″ deep. This beautiful clock is complete with the pendulum and the winding key. Note that impressed on the backside works of the clock it reads, ‘Anasonia Clock Co. – Patented June 14, 1881 – New York’.  (Clock was working when we purchased but was shipped to us and is not now)


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