Antique Cast Iron Enterprise Double Wheel Small Coffee Grinder – No. 2 Grinder- Country Store – 12 1/2″ height

Product #M857

Antique Country Store Number 2 Size Coffee Grinder – Cast Iron Double Wheel – Made by Enterprise Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia. USA – This is a very nice double wheel coffee grinder with original paint and decals in very good condition. Circa 1900. The wheels on the grinder measure 8 3/4″ diameter, while the wooden base is 6 1/4″ deep by 6 1/2″ wide. The widest point on this grinder is 10 1/2″ wide from the wooden handle to opposite wheel of the grinder, and the grinder is 12 1/2″ high. Note the original golden decals still intact on this grinder. Porcelain knob on the grounds collection drawer. This is a keeper. Don’t miss adding this coffee grinder to your own personal collection.

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