Country Store Lantern Lamp Ceiling Mount Pull Down Kerosene Fixture with Tin Shade

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Product #W598C

This is an old country store original ceiling mount kerosene fixture with a large tin shade. Notice the adjustable pull down chain mechanism for raising and lowering this fixture as needed. The tin shade measures approximately 19″ in diameter. The burner on this fixture is identified as being a ‘No. 3 Banner’. There is the following patent dates on this burner as well, ‘Pat. Aug 14, ’88 – Aug 26, 90 – Sept 9, 90 – June 17, 90 – June 16, 91 – Jan 5, 92’. This burner has fancy scrolling designs embossed in the metal and is complete with the large glass chimney that measures approximately 22″ high from the bottom of the burner to the top of the chimney. Where the chimney attaches onto the burner there is two of the metal prongs that have broken. The glass chimney is secured by two and 1/2 of the prongs. The chimney has an etched signature, ‘Iron Clad – Best Flint Glass’. It is exciting to be able to find these old country store ceiling mount oil lamp fixtures, you will not want to miss adding this one to your own personal collection.

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