Antique Cut Glass Eggnog Set Bowl and Pedestal Stand

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Product #G895C

This is an exciting find to have an all-original cut-glass two-piece eggnog serving set. This set consists of the cut glass pedestal and the matching serving punch type bowl that has the appropriate extending pedestal that secures it in the top opening on the slotted base. When together this set measures 9 1/2″ high and the bowl has a diameter of 10″, while the widest diameter of the base is 7 1/2″ diameter. Just the pedestal measures 4 3/4″ high, and the bowl portion is 5″ high (this includes the bottom pedestal that extends into the base). This is a rare and beautiful find which we are excited to offer for sale. Please don’t miss adding this set to your own personal antique cut glass collections.

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