Antique Czechoslovakia Geometrical Art Deco Art Glass Vase –

Product #G262E

Antique Czechoslovakia signed, enameled, geometrical designed, art deco vase. Tall, trumpet shaped footed vase that features several different decorating techniques for a beautiful and attractive Arts and Crafts complimentary Art Deco look. Notice that in some places, around the lower section right above the base there is clear glass however the majority of the open unenameled glass area has been texturized on the outside with a lightly sand toned and texturized design. The finishing touch is the enameled geometrical designs that are very colorful and stand out against this unique background. This vase measures 12″ high and is 5 1/2″ diameter on the top and 5″ diameter base. Note the Czecho-Slovakva signature is marked on the bottom of the vase. You will not want to miss adding this piece to your own personal antique Czechoslovakia glassware collection. This piece would also match nicely with an Arts and Crafts design and style.

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