Antique Oak 60″ Wide Roll Top Desk with Double Roll – Unique – The American Case Desk – Alliance Ohio

Product #F826

This beautiful Roll top desk is in original finish. The sides of this desk are all raised beveled panels. Has a very tall back with and S shaped tambor roll when opended reveals a very atttractive interior with an unique file section that is hidden behind another tambor shaped roll. This desk was made in Alliance, Ohio there is a furniture tag that reads: The American Case and Register Co. Alliance, Ohio Pat Aug 9,1892, August 11, 1903, October 18, 1904¬† June 6, 1905. Other Patents Pending. Note the unusual feature of having two rolls to conceal your paperwork and receipts.¬† This desk measures 60″ width 36″ depth and 57 1/2″ height. 26″ width of kneehole.

Inside this desk in one of the drawers we found an old hand written letter along with the postmarked envelope that shares some of the history for this desk. The letter is made out to a Dr. George Mossman from Gardner, Massachusetts and is postmarked January 27, 1928. The postmark on this letter was from the Brooklyn, New York post office. Both the envelope and the letter its self have the date of January 27, 1928. This desk appears to have at one time been located in Gardner, Massachusetts  and belonged to a Dr. George Mossman.
The letter reads, ‘My Dear Dr. Mossman, – I am enclosing a check for one hundred and thrity-three dollars in payment of accompanying bill. Thank you again for all you did to help us out, we appreciate it greatly.
As I have just written you how well I am doing, I guess I needn’t say anything more about that just now. But I will write a letter later on and tell you how things have been going.
Best regards from us both.
Sincerely yours, Margueritle Foster (Mrs JR Foster)
There is a return address on the backside of this letter for Mrs. Foster which is ‘Foster – 461 Wasington Ave – Brooklyn, NY’. This also matches the address hand written on the top of the letter.
There would have been over 200 miles between Brooklyn, NY and Gardner, Mass. What a fun piece of history to have along with this exceptional antique oak roll top desk.


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